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Submarine protection polyurethane bending stiffeners form China

2020-10-26 02:35 click:673
The polyurethane bending stiffener of the submarine pipeline is designed to increase the local rigidity of the cable and the umbilical cord at the point connected to the rigid structure, and protect the flexible cable from excessive bending and damage. Thereby limiting bending stress and excessive bending. The static bending reinforcement is mainly used to protect the cable from excessive bending during installation, and the excessive deployment from the deck of the lying ship. It is usually manufactured as a one-piece conical polyurethane molded part to facilitate the installation of the cable or Easily locate the end of the umbilical cord.
The two mating halves of the curved stiffener are usually fixed in place by a super double bolt system. After the pull-in process is completed, the second mating half is assembled in the proper position. Our company provides split bending stiffeners with dynamic or static design.

Can be customized accroding to your needs.

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