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The belt hoist clean room crane

2022-02-14 02:53 click:921
The belt hoist clean room crane
For production in clean rooms, minimising the negative effects of airborne particles is essential. Our high-performance electric belt hoist was originally developed for clean rooms and for installation in clean room cranes. It excels with the following characteristics:
Use of maintenance- and lubrication-free load belts instead of cables or chains
Extremly low natural vibration for high-precision positioning of loads to be lifted
No polygon effect and no lateral hook travel when lifting or lowering
High resistance to wear
Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
Low-wear material combinations on friction surfaces (e. g. drive wheel treads) prevent formation of electrically conductive abrasion products
Extremely low noise emissions
Load hook made of stainless steel or with hard-chrome plating, if requested
The unbeatable advantages of the electric belt hoist used in clean rooms and clean room cranes have led to their use for production in other sectors.
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