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The benefits of J-tube seals what we can customized accroding to your needs

2020-07-30 03:30 click:911
The J-tube seal is used to seal the inside of the J-tube and the standpipe interface. Usually, water containing corrosion inhibitors is introduced into the void space of J-Tube. In order to prevent the loss of water, there is such a strong and effective sealing measure, which is suitable for various renewable energy and oil and gas applications. The material is made of high-quality marine polyurethane elastomer, which provides a firm sealing interface between the bell mouth and the polyurethane profile. Designed as a split shell layout, easier to install after the cable or umbilical is terminated.
Benefit: Save the manufacturing cost of each J-tube;
             Reduce the cost and time of cable installation containers;
             Reduce the cost of base coats in steel and operational loads;
             No diver installation ability.
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