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The difference between chain load turning device and belt load turning device

2022-07-01 04:47 click:946
The chain load turning device is similar to the belt load turning device, except that the chain is used instead of the turnover belt. The chain is a rigid structure, which is easy to damage the appearance and parts of the chassis. Therefore, when using the chain load turning device, protective measures will be added to the chain turnover part. At present, the chain load turning device is widely used in domestic heavy truck manufacturing enterprises. The overturning mechanism drives the transmission chain to run. The transmission chain is an open chain, and both ends are equipped with hooks to connect with the overturning belt.
load turning device
The overturning mechanism drives the overturning belt to achieve the purpose of overturning the chassis. The belt type load turning device is mainly suitable for the production of light trucks. Its main features are:
① The belt overturning product has good adaptability, and the belt suspension points are mainly distributed near the front and rear axles;
② Because the belt is in direct contact with the chassis, the service life of the belt is short;
③ The overturning process has great impact and high safety risk;
④ The height of the load turning device device from the ground is short.
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