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The reason why the turntable of the turning machine does not turn

2021-12-17 03:27 click:860
What is the reason why the turntable of the turning machine does not turn?
1. The inverter is burned out, and the phenomenon is that there is no display to replace.
2. The parameters of the inverter are set incorrectly, and you need to set them again according to the requirements.
3. The chain of the turntable is broken. At this time, adjust the distance between the large and small sprockets, connect the chain, and replace the new chain if the chain is damaged.
4. If the turntable motor itself fails, you can use a multimeter or a shake meter to detect whether the motor is missing or broken down. If it cannot be repaired on site, replace the motor.
5. The turntable reducer itself is malfunctioning, it is recommended to replace it.
6. The knob is damaged, causing the chassis to not turn.
7. The PLC did not perform output replacement.
8. The connection between the turntable reducer and the sprocket is abnormal, and the connection flat key needs to be replaced. 
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