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The superiority of kbk track

2021-12-16 02:17 click:883
kbk track is widely used in many production companies, do you know its superiority?
The equipment can be divided into many types according to the appearance. This equipment can be used with pneumatic trolleys or explosion-proof trolleys to form a movable pneumatic lifting equipment. The most common lifting method is wire rope loading. Of course There will also be loop chains. This type of loop chain is relatively sturdy and durable, because this type is composed of three parts: lifting mechanism, running mechanism, and air distribution system.
Moreover, the lifting mechanism is composed of air motor, hanging assembly, planetary reducer, brake, lifting chain, hook assembly and main control valve. The main control valve can lift heavy objects and allow them to rise and fall. The brake can achieve Brake lifting and lowering positioning, in general, it can effectively ensure the safety of lifting operations, but also has a flexible method of use.
The kbk track can be accurately positioned to prevent general inaccurate positioning of lifting products. At the same time, it can control the speed at will, and can ensure the running speed; the equipment is simple to operate, beautiful in appearance, environmentally safe, and easy to control.
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