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Use of clean hoist in lithium battery assembly line

2022-08-08 02:18 click:964
With the implementation of the national carbon neutral strategy, the new energy industry has ushered in the track of rapid development. Especially with the continuous growth of new energy vehicles, the market demand for lithium batteries is increasing; Under the background of continuous upgrading of new materials, new technologies and other industries, the production line at the end of the lithium battery production line also puts forward new requirements for material upgrading. The use of clean gourds can meet higher cleanliness requirements.
Clean crane hoist
Features of clean electric hoist
1. Adopt full enclosed structure, the roller is made of high-strength nylon, and the hook and hanger are not exposed;
2. 304 stainless steel enclosure structure, with metal foreign matter protection requirements, to prevent mixing of metal and materials;
3. Single and double chain structure, wire control and remote control operation;
4. The hook is made of stainless steel, and the rotating part is free of impurities. It is equipped with a dust box and made of non-metallic materials;
5. The height requirements are determined according to the site working conditions. The structure of running chain electric hoist or low clearance chain electric hoist can meet the site height requirements;
6. Single speed, double speed and frequency conversion control can be adopted for lifting operation, and the operation shall be stable to reduce the shaking of the suspended object below;
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