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What are the advantages of KITO clean Electric hoist

2022-06-27 02:26 click:821
The  KITO clean Electric hoist adopts horizontal wheels and guide wheels made of MC nylon material, which can effectively prevent corrosion and noise, and prevent dust generation to the greatest extent. By coating the anti-static coating on the outer surface of the drum shell, the article damage caused by static electricity during the extraction of articles is prevented.
KITO clean Electric hoist is provided with a drum tray at the lower opening of the drum to prevent micro debris from scattering in the air, which has the advantage of low cost and has an impact on the clean environment.
KITO clean Electric hoist
Through the drum, drum tray, steel wire rope, pulley and hook made of stainless steel, the dust caused by corrosion and friction is minimized, so as to effectively prevent the clean room from being polluted.
The advantages of KITO clean Electric hoist are as follows:
1. full frequency conversion control to achieve millimeter level accuracy.
2. polish the stainless steel cover and protect the whole machine.
3. overload limiter and lifting height limiter. Load monitoring recording unit.
4. the clearance height of the polar region, the extremely small limit size, and the maximum use of plant space.
5. lifting with high-strength fiber rope, equipped with high-strength nylon rope guide to reduce dust.
6. standard module of stainless steel hook assembly, equipped with high-strength nylon sliding rope.
7. special polyurethane wheels, combined with stainless steel tracks, reduce dust generation.
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