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Why can bulletproof vests be bulletproof

2022-07-11 04:15 click:935
In the process of modern individual combat, bulletproof clothing is a good protective measure. Then, why can bulletproof clothing defend bullets?
bulletproof vests
The structure of the early bulletproof clothing is very simple. Generally speaking, it is composed of a relatively strong clothing and overlapping steel plates. The bulletproof principle of this kind of bulletproof clothing and the later developed hard bulletproof clothing is relatively simple, that is, to reduce the energy of bullets by bouncing the bullet head or breaking the bullet, so as to achieve the bulletproof effect.
Compared with hard body armor, soft body armor has a wider range of applications, and the material used in soft body armor is polymer tetrafluoroethylene material. This is a special material with very good tensile strength. Its tensile strength can reach more than 4 times that of ordinary fiber materials, and its specific strength is even higher than that of glass fiber, which is of great significance to improve the survival ability of soldiers in the battlefield.
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