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Work Station Bridge Crane System Overview

2024-03-13 13:36 click:392

Workstation cranes and workstation lifting systems are some of the most effective and cost-efficient lifting and moving solutions on the market. Workstation cranes provide ergonomic benefits, allowing for full access of movement and extended lifting coverage. Comes in a variety of lifting system configurations, from monorail workstations for repetitive loads and tooling support to workstation bridge cranes that are ideal for welding stations, assembly cells, and machining centers.

Workstation bridge crane


Wire rope hoist

Lift : 20 feet available

Lifting speed: 16/2.6 FPM

Trolley speed: 65 FPM(VFD)

Top running Endtrucks with travel speed of 80 or 120 FPM (VFD) complete with mounting plates, bolts and bumpers.

Runway Electrification is 100 amp, galvanized steel, “finger safe” conductor bar, superior conductivity, easy to install and maintain.

Freestanding Runway Frame in standard lengths from 20 to 120 feet. Longer runways available.

Standard Radio Control

• Hand-held AAA operated radio controls are standard on all KUNFENG systems. Upgrade to rechargeable model optional.

• Sliding push button controls available as an option for work station crane system.

• Audiable alarm included in conformance with OSHA Standards.

monorail workstation system

Base Plate design allows most KUNFENG systems to be installed without footers. Column loadings and reactions provided upon request.

Free standing workstation crane is available in runway lengths of 20, 25 and 30 feet. Multiple cells can be combined for long runways: existing systems can be retrol led with additional cells.

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