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Cleanroom Sanitary Crane for Pickling Processing

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Cleanroom sanitary cranes are essential tools in pickling process, particularly during the pickling process. Here's how they are utilized:

- Efficient Movement: These cranes facilitate the efficient movement of raw silicone materials to the pickling area and the transfer of finished products to subsequent processing stages.

- Hygienic Design: Constructed with high-grade stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials, our cranes feature smooth, polished surfaces that minimize particle generation and are easy to clean.

- Cleanroom Compliance: Designed to meet ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards, ensuring minimal contamination risk.

- Accurate Positioning: Equipped with advanced control systems, our cranes offer precise lifting and positioning capabilities, which are crucial for maintaining the quality of silicone products during the pickling process.

- Safety Features: Integrated safety mechanisms, such as overload protection and emergency stop functions, ensure the safety of both operators and materials.

- Maintenance Protocols: Regular maintenance protocols are established to ensure the cranes remain in optimal working condition, further supporting the cleanliness and efficiency of the pickling process.

Hygienic cleanroom crane

Technical Parameters of Cleanroom Sanitary Crane

- Load Capacity: 500 kg to 30,000 kg

- Span: Up to 20 meters

- Lifting Height: Up to 15 meters

- Material: High-grade stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316)

- Control System: Variable frequency drive (VFD) for smooth and precise control

- Cleanroom Classification: ISO 14644-1 Class 5 to Class 8

- Power Supply: 380V/50Hz or customized as per client requirements

- Safety Features: Overload protection, emergency stop, anti-sway technology

cleanroom crane

In conclusion, cleanroom sanitary cranes are indispensable in pickling process, particularly for the pickling process. They ensure efficient material handling, maintain high standards of cleanliness, and comply with stringent industry regulations, thereby enhancing the overall quality and safety of pickling process.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please feel free to contact our technical support team.

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