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Clean Room Belt Type Overhead Crane

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Clean room belt type overhead crane is a lifting equipment specially designed for clean room environments. A clean room, also known as a dust-free room or clean room, is a specially designed environment primarily used to control the concentration of particles, microorganisms, and chemical contaminants in the air to meet specific process requirements. In this environment, belt type overhead cranes play an important role, providing efficient and reliable material handling solutions for daily operations and production processes in clean rooms.

Regular overhead cranes are typically used in general industrial environments, while cleanroom belt overhead cranes are designed specifically for cleanroom environments. This kind of crane is different from ordinary bridge cranes in terms of structure, material selection, driving method and maintenance. Cleanroom belt type overhead cranes are usually made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean materials to ensure no corrosion or contamination during long-term use in a cleanroom environment. In addition, its drive system and electrical components have been specially designed to reduce the generation and accumulation of particulates.

Cleanroom belt type crane

Structure and composition

  ● Bridge: It is the main structure of the crane. It is usually welded with high-strength steel and has sufficient rigidity and stability.

  ● Traveling mechanism: enables the crane to move smoothly and accurately on the track in the clean room.

  ● Lifting mechanism: Responsible for the lifting operation of materials, usually using belt transmission to achieve smooth and stepless lifting speed.

  ● Electrical control system: responsible for controlling various movements and functions of the crane.

Product advantages

  ● It can adapt to various clean room environments, including special environments such as high temperature, high humidity, corrosive gas, etc.

  ● Using advanced drive system and electrical control technology, it is highly efficient and energy-saving, and can reduce the company's operating costs.

  ● The reasonable structural design and complete safety protection devices can ensure the safe operation of the crane and the safety of operators.

  ● The modular design makes maintenance easy and damaged parts can be quickly replaced, reducing maintenance time and costs.

  ● The materials and structure are easy to clean and meet the cleaning requirements of a clean room environment, reducing cleaning time and costs.

Cleanroom light overhead crane

Clean room belt type overhead cranes are widely used in various industrial fields that require a clean environment, such as semiconductor manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, food processing, etc. In these areas, clean room belt type overhead cranes can efficiently and accurately complete material handling tasks while ensuring the stability and reliability of the clean room environment. In addition, with the advancement of science and technology and people's increasing requirements for environmental quality, the application prospects of clean room belt type overhead cranes will be broader.

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