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Manual Wire Rope Electric Hoist

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Manual wire rope electric hoist is a device used for lifting and carrying heavy objects. It usually consists of components such as motors, wire ropes, controllers, and lifting hooks. The electric motor provides power to assist in lifting and lowering the heavy objects through the wire rope, the controller is used to control the lifting operation, and the lifting hook is used to connect and hoist the heavy objects. This kind of equipment is usually used in factories, warehouses and other places that require frequent lifting and handling of heavy objects.

Manual wire rope hoist

Detailed introduction

  ● Structure: Manual wire rope electric hoist usually consists of motor, wire rope, controller, lifting hook and other components.

  ● Function: It can provide power through an electric motor to assist in lifting and lowering heavy objects, making the handling process more efficient and convenient.

  ● Usage scenarios: Commonly used in factories, warehouses, docks and other places where heavy objects need to be transported. It can also be used in construction sites and other environments.

  ● Safety: Pay attention to safe operating procedures when using it to ensure the safety of users and surrounding people.

  ● Specifications: According to different needs, manual wire rope electric hoists have different lifting weights and lifting heights, and the appropriate model can be selected according to specific needs.


  ● Electric motor: Provides power to initiate the lifting function of the hoist.

  ● Wire rope: As the main component for hoisting heavy objects, it is driven by a motor to lift and lower heavy objects.

  ● Controller: used to control the lifting and stopping operations of the electric hoist.

  ● Lifting Hook: A component used to connect and lift heavy objects.

Wire rope electric hoist


  ● Install the electric hoist in the appropriate location and make sure it is stable.

  ● Hang the lifting hook on the object to be lifted and make sure the hook is firm and reliable.

  ● The electric hoist is operated by the controller to realize the lifting and lowering of the lifting hook, as well as the transportation and placement of heavy objects.

  ● During operation, special attention needs to be paid to the weight and lifting height of heavy objects to ensure operation within a safe range.

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