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Clean Room Monorail Crane System

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Clean room monorail crane is a kind of lifting equipment specially designed for clean room environment. It usually consists of monorail suspension system, lifting machinery and electrical control system. The following is a detailed introduction to the device:

  ● Monorail suspension system: A specially designed monorail suspension system is used to run along the monorail track in the clean room. This design can ensure that the movement and operation of the crane in the clean room will not produce dust and pollution, ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of the clean room environment.

  ● Lifting machinery: usually consists of a lifting mechanism, a lifting motor, a wire rope/chain and a hook. They are capable of lifting, handling and positioning materials, and are usually equipped with special designs such as dustproof and anti-static to meet the requirements of clean room environments.

  ● Electrical control system: Special dust-proof, waterproof, and anti-static design is adopted to ensure that no electrical faults or environmental pollution will occur when operating in a clean room.

Cleanroom monorail crane

Working environment requirements:

  ● High cleanliness requirements: The environment must be of high cleanliness, usually to a specific cleanliness level to ensure that no dust, particles or other contaminants are produced when the crane is operating.

  ● Dust-free environment: Avoid the impact of dust on mechanical equipment and lifting machinery, and also ensure that no pollution is generated during crane operation.

  ● Strict temperature and humidity control: to ensure that lifting machinery and materials transported are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

  ● Low volatile organic compound requirements: Low volatile organic compound levels should be maintained to prevent contamination of the clean room environment and materials.

  ● Protection requirements for electrical equipment: Electrical equipment needs to have dust-proof, waterproof, anti-static and other characteristics to ensure safe and reliable operation in a clean room environment.

Product advantages:

  ● High cleanliness: The outer surface and internal structure of the monorail crane have been specially treated to ensure that materials in the clean room are not contaminated.

  ● High space utilization: The monorail crane can run along the monorail track, does not occupy ground space, and can flexibly carry out material handling and lifting operations.

  ● Good stability: It adopts a monorail suspension system with simple structure and stable operation, which can ensure the safety of materials during the lifting process.

  ● Energy saving and environmental protection: Adopt energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption and meet the energy-saving requirements of clean room environment.

  ● Easy maintenance: The components of the system can be easily replaced and maintained, reducing maintenance costs.

Monorail suspension crane

Clean room monorail crane systems are usually used in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, food processing and other production sites with high requirements for cleanliness. It can provide reliable material handling and lifting solutions to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the clean room environment. 

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