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Semiconductor Clean Room Single Girder Crane

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Semiconductor clean room single girder crane is a kind of lifting equipment used in the clean room environment of semiconductor workshops. It consists of a single girder bridge, a lifting mechanism, an operating mechanism, a control system and a safety protection device. It can achieve precise handling and installation of materials, and has the characteristics of high cleanliness and anti-static.

Semiconductor clean room crane

Composition structure:

  ● Single girder bridge: The main part of the crane, using a single-girder structure, usually made of steel. The single girder bridge is equipped with the lifting mechanism and operating mechanism of the crane.

  ● Lifting mechanism: usually consists of crane motor, gear box, wire rope, lifting hook, etc. The lifting mechanism can realize operations such as rising, falling, and horizontal movement of materials.

  ● Operating mechanism: composed of motor, gearbox, brake, driving wheel, etc. The operating mechanism can realize operations such as forward and backward movement and left and right rotation of the crane.

  ● Control system: including main control cabinet, control box, sensors and other equipment. Through the control system, operators can control various operations of the crane, such as lifting, running, stopping, etc.

  ● Safety protection device: used to ensure the safe operation of the crane. Safety protection devices usually include limit switches, heavy-load protectors, anti-collision devices, etc.


  ● Semiconductor clean rooms require very high cleanliness, so the crane is designed to meet the clean room level requirements and can be operated in the clean room to avoid contamination.

  ● Cranes with a single girder structure can reduce the weight of the beam, improve mechanical efficiency, reduce resistance and the number of windshields in the clean room, thereby reducing the source of pollution in the clean room.

  ● The handling and installation of materials requires very precision, so the crane is equipped with a precise control system that can achieve precise position control and speed control to ensure accurate placement and installation of materials.

  ● Electronic components in clean rooms are very sensitive to static electricity, so the crane has an anti-static design and uses conductive materials and grounding measures to avoid damage to electronic components caused by static electricity.

  ● The use of high-efficiency motors and transmission systems improves the working efficiency of the crane and reduces energy consumption.

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