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10-ton IS0 Class8 clean room crane

2022-03-23 02:41 click:872
The 10-ton IS0 Class8 clean room crane is a crane system used in clean rooms. IS0 Class8 in the IS0 Class8 clean room crane refers to the cleanliness level of the clean room. The grades of clean rooms all over the world have their own specifications, but generally the US Federal Standard 209 is used. The following only introduces and compares 209D and 209E and the standards formulated by other countries in the world. The 10-ton clean room driving integrates technology, construction, decoration, equipment automation and other aspects of technology, mainly to meet the harsh requirements of the production environment and quality in the fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, medical care, and laboratories. Compared with cranes used in other industries, clean room cranes have the main characteristics of cleanliness, wear resistance, low failure rate, wide speed adjustment range, and accurate positioning. Therefore, clean driving ensures the necessary conditions for mass production in industries with high environmental requirements such as liquid crystal panels, photovoltaics, microelectronics, semiconductors, and medicine.
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