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Anti sway technology of intelligent crane

2022-08-19 10:52 click:1906
The demand for all kinds of intelligent cranes in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and intelligent maintenance is increasing, and the application prospect is broad. These new technologies have become the application solutions of intelligent cranes and can be used for complete engineering equipment. The intelligent crane automatically completes the operation of the process flow, and can monitor and record the operation status of the crane in real time, providing higher work efficiency and lower operation cost.
intelligent crane
The running path planning and anti sway positioning control of the intelligent lifting system are the necessary conditions to realize the operation of the intelligent crane.
In the working process of the crane, the acceleration and deceleration of the crane and the lifting of the load will make the load swing back and forth, which will not only affect the operating efficiency of the crane, but also cause accidents.
At present, open-loop and closed-loop control technologies are commonly used to realize crane path planning and anti swing control. The open-loop control method mainly includes the positioning anti swing control based on input shaping and the positioning anti swing control based on trajectory planning. There are many closed-loop control methods to realize path planning and anti swing, such as feedback linearization, gain scheduling control, sliding mode control, predictive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, passivity control, etc; For lifting and handling environments with fixed obstacle positions, the requirements can be met by using static path planning. However, when the obstacles in the environment cannot be determined in advance or multiple cranes work together, it is necessary to use dynamic path planning method to obtain the safe path online and in real time. Hoisting path planning.
With the development of wireless mobile communication technology, sensors (gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, azimuth sensors, etc.) installed on slings or pickup devices will be widely used to achieve three-dimensional positioning, path planning and anti swing control based on the suspended objects.
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