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Cable and pipeline protection of marine protection system

2020-07-30 02:35 click:499
Cable and pipeline protection:
It's designed to protect submarine umbilicals, cables, flexible jumpers, flexible assembly lines and riser landing areas, although many other applications have been found across multiple industries.
Molded with marine-grade polyurethane elastomer, it can provide protection against falling objects and abrasion for submarine umbilical cords, oil pipelines and pipelines.
It provides cost-effective local impact and wear protection, and provides pairs of interlocking half-shells, which are secured around the core product using a circumferential band.
According to specific operating conditions, the product can be manufactured in a series of polyurethane elastomer grades, and products of various diameters, thicknesses and lengths can be provided. The typical length is determined by the weight of each half-shell and can vary between 500-2000mm.
Can be customzied accroding to your needs!