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Class A clean room crane is dust-free crane

2022-04-14 05:07 click:911

Class A clean room crane is dust-free crane. The clean room gantry crane is a kind of clean and dustproof crane equipment. The clean electric hoist crane is a kind of crane suitable for dust-free environment. Class A clean room crane is used in industries such as bioengineering, medical devices, food, microelectronics, photovoltaic, injection molding, lithium battery, semiconductor, etc. the use of clean crown block plays a protective role in some production workshops with high requirements, Some dust-free industries have great requirements for cleanliness in workshop production, and the clean crown block meets the requirements of dust-free in the workshop.

The lifting equipment in the purification workshop includes clean crane, clean cantilever crane, clean turnover machine, clean KBK crane, clean intelligent crane, clean mobile gantry crane and other different forms of lifting equipment! The clean crane system integrates the technology of technology, architecture, decoration, equipment automation and other aspects, mainly to meet the harsh requirements of production environment and quality in the fields of electronics, pharmacy, bioengineering, medical treatment, laboratory and so on. Compared with cranes used in other industries, class a clean room cranes have the main characteristics of cleanliness, wear resistance, low failure rate, wide speed regulation range, accurate positioning and so on. Therefore, the clean driving system is to ensure the mass production of industries with high environmental requirements, such as LCD panel, photovoltaic, microelectronics, semiconductor, medicine and so on! The running track of the clean room crane and the dust-free crane trolley in class A shall be made of square steel to improve the effective contact area of the wheel tread and reduce the weight of the track. The material of the square steel track shall not be lower than Q345B. It is required to have good straightness and ensure the welding quality, and welding deformation and other defects are not allowed.
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