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Classification of clean room crane

2022-08-11 10:35 click:1408
The clean room crane is a special lifting equipment for the clean room, which can meet the strict requirements of the production environment and quality in the fields of electronics, pharmacy, bioengineering, medical treatment and laboratory. Compared with the cranes used in other industries, the clean room crane system has the main characteristics of clean, wear-resistant, low failure rate, wide speed range and accurate positioning. So how to distinguish the grade of clean room crane?
clean room crane
Different levels of clean rooms need to be equipped with different levels of clean room cranes. The code for design of clean rooms clearly specifies four levels of air cleanliness: 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000 (cleanliness refers to the degree of dust particles in the air in the clean environment). The grade of clean room crane is also corresponding, and the corresponding table shows the classification standard: it is converted according to the clean room grade standard in American federal standard 209E, and the diameter of each grade is greater than or equal to 0 per cubic meter of air. Clean room cranes are also divided into class a clean cranes, class B clean cranes, class C clean cranes and class D clean cranes.
Clean room crane is a widely used basic supporting industry, which is used in electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medical and health, bioengineering, aerospace, automobile spraying and other industries. According to the accuracy and dust-free requirements of the industry, there is a large difference in grade. Various industries can choose different grades of clean driving according to their needs.
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