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Many Die Shops are Using the Load Turning Machine for Handling Die Sets

Separating, rotating & re-assembling die sets is always a problem. With the load turning machine, you can perform all these operations much faster, anywhere there is an overhead crane service available. You can separate and rotate the die set right on the load turning machine, which eliminates the need to transfer it to the tool room for a simple repair or tool change.

In the injection molding manufacturing process, especially for the large and heavy mould manufacturing, cranes and load turning machine help a lot.

1. Mould Flipping and Hoisting

Mold used in manufacturing often require repair or cleaning. However, due to the molds' weight and irregular size, flipping them manually can be both difficult and dangerous. To solve this problem, our load turning machine can be used to rotate the molds 360 degrees, especially when performing meticulous inspections, grinding, sandblasting, painting, and other tasks for the inside of the mold. This machine allows for precise control over the flipping angle, making the operation more convenient and safe.

2. Welding Support

A load turning machine is used to help workers in swiftly changing the position of the workpiece for complex mold structures or welding tasks on different parts of the mold. This ensures that the weld joints are in the most accessible and observable positions for welding.

Load turning machine for mold

3. Opening Mold

When it comes to installing or removing large molds from injection molding machines for debugging or component replacement, load turning machines can be highly useful. These machines allow operators to adjust the mold to the desired angle with ease and accuracy, and without the need for manual handling. As a result, potential safety hazards associated with manual handling can be avoided.

Once the die is separated, it can be rotated for maintenance and repair work. Re-assembling is just as easy. You can start and stop the rotation of your die set at any time. The complete die set can be rotated if required.

When flipping a heavy mold without a load turning rotator, you need to constantly readjust the slings and workpiece, which is time consuming impose danger potential. While flipping machine reduces the time and physical exertion spent on manual loading and flipping, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the production process and reducing labor intensity.

Engineered to your needs – from 500 kg to 80 tons, the load turning machine can be used anywhere in your facility that is serviced with an overhead crane. You can ask for a quotation online for the best load rotator that relates to your application. Our excellent technical sales team will work correctly with you to offer the most reliable product from our extensive range of superior load turning device or a custom made solution to meet your specific needs.

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