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Clean room crane safety device inspection

2022-07-08 05:12 click:1288
Clean room is a common working environment in industrial production, which is widely used in many emerging industries with high cleanliness requirements, such as machinery manufacturing, microelectronics, medical devices, food, bioengineering, laboratory, chemical industry, textile industry, atomic energy industry, optical and magnetic products industry. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to clean room driving. In the process of use, we must pay attention to safety issues. The clean room crane is equipped with some protective devices, which also need regular inspection.
Clean room crane
Inspection of driving safety device in clean room
1) Brake
The traveling mechanism and lifting mechanism of the crane in Shanghai clean room are fully enclosed three in one brakes, which are inspected, maintained and replaced by the user unit. Do not inspect brake parts during inspection.
2) Track sweeper
Clean room cranes usually use nylon wheels and stainless steel rails, which are usually suspended structures and are designed without track sweepers. Since there is basically no track accumulation in the clean room, it is impossible to check this item.
3) Sliding contact line protection
The clean room crane adopts seamless safety sliding contact line for power supply, which is generally a suspension structure, and the sliding contact line has no special protection device.
4) Travel limit and anti-collision device
Non contact limit switches, generally photoelectric switches, are used for the crane in the clean room. These items are checked by running tests.
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