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Clean room crane use inspection

2022-08-04 10:35 click:337
What inspections should be carried out before using the clean room crane:
the clean room crane
1. Brake system inspection
The braking system is the key component of the clean room crane, and its reliability directly endangers the safe motion accuracy of each mechanism. Therefore, the braking system of the lifting mechanism and luffing mechanism should be carefully checked, and the opening of the brake shoe and the damage of the friction parts should be observed.
2. Inspection of reducer
Check whether the reducer leaks oil and whether the box makes abnormal noise during operation. Squeaks are usually caused by problems with rolling bearings, excessive backlash of transmission gears, and serious damage to tooth surfaces.
3. Coupling inspection
Check whether the coupling of the clean room crane is loose, or even "roll key". Mainly check whether the ball silicone rubber ring of the ball pin coupling is abnormally damaged. Pay attention to the damage of the transmission ring gear of the gear coupling.
4. Safety inspection of steel wire rope
Check whether the galvanized steel wire rope is broken, damaged, kinked and rusted, and mark the parts that are seriously damaged or broken but do not exceed the standard, so as to repeat the inspection of important parts.
5. Inspection of movable pulley
The most important thing to check the movable pulley is whether the wear rate at the groove bottom exceeds the standard and whether the pig iron movable pulley has cracks.