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DRS400 special equipment small Wheel Blocks

2022-01-14 02:17 click:708
DRS400 special equipment small Wheel Blocks
DRS400 special equipment small Wheel Blocks, DRS wheel set is a key component of the crane traveling mechanism, which is used to support the load of the crane and make the crane run repeatedly on the track. It is mainly composed of wheels and shafts, bearings and bearing boxes, etc. Its quality has a great influence on the crane. The driving accessories DRS wheel sets we supply, including Demag wheel sets, are of good quality, smooth and frictionless when the crane is running.
Advantages of Demag drs wheelset
1. Demag drs Wheel Blockst is light in weight, small in size and large in load;
2. Demag drs Wheel Blocks has fine workmanship and firm structure;
3. Demag drs Wheel Blocks is easy to install and maintain, and has high assembly precision;
4. Demag drs Wheel Blocks runs smoothly, safely and reliably;
5. Demag drs Wheel Blocks has low noise and long service life;
6. Demag drs Wheel Blocks is of high quality and high working efficiency.
We can DRS Wheel Blocks122 to DRS wheel set 500, if you need to travel wheel box, you can consult us!
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