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Factory General Industrial Equipment Cantilever Crane of Room Clean Workshop

2022-02-28 03:10 click:366
Factory General Industrial Equipment Cantilever Crane of Room Clean Workshop
Jib cranes are also called jib cranes and Cantilever  cranes. Its structure is unique and its control is different from other lifting equipment. So how to use jib cranes safely, the following content is to answer this problem for you: Turn on the power switch to prevent overweight The switch of the device and the alarm device, adjust the position or gear of the indicator switch of the relevant instrument, and see the reading of the hydraulic oil pressure gauge. After all adjustments are checked and correct, you can operate:
Second, the rotation operation. (1) Before turning operation, honk the horn to signal; (2) After releasing the turning brake, the turning operation can be carried out; (3) The turning operation lever should be operated smoothly, so that it can be started and stopped smoothly and steadily. If you want to turn in the opposite direction, you should stop first, and then turn in the opposite direction;
Third, boom luffing operation. (1) The boom is lowered steadily; (2) To achieve smooth operation, observe the load swing and running trend;
Fourth, boom telescopic operation. (1) It is forbidden to carry out the boom telescopic action under the condition of lifting weight. In special cases, when the boom is telescopic with hanging objects, it must be at the rated value; (2) During the telescopic process of the boom, pay attention to the lifting height of the hook to prevent The end of the boom collides with the hook pulley block;
Fifth, lifting and lowering operation. (1) The operation of the free-fall pedal should be stable, and the operation should not be too violent, and should not cause excessive vibration and impact, so as to avoid deformation of the boom or overturn of the crane; (2) When ensuring that the pressure of the accumulator is within the specified value, Operate the operating lever smoothly, and it is strictly forbidden to lift heavy objects suddenly, so as to avoid damage to the oil motor or boom, etc.; (3) The empty hook can be freely dropped to drop heavy objects, and the heavy objects must be less than 30% of the rated lifting capacity.