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Features of The Belt Load Turning Device

2023-10-31 16:44 click:412

The belt load turning device is a mechanical equipment used to convert large workpieces or molds from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal. It is mainly composed of a lifting mechanism, a turning mechanism and an electrical system. It is connected to the workpiece using a belt or chain, and is driven by a motor to achieve turning. load turning devices are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, molds, papermaking, refrigeration, steel strips, automobiles, barrel materials, coil materials and other industries.

Belt load turning machine

Operating principle:

  ● Place the workpiece or mold on the belt or chain of the turning machine, and then secure it with a fixture to prevent it from sliding or falling off.

  ● Start the motor of the turning machine to make the belt or chain move along the track of the turning mechanism, driving the workpiece or mold to be turned over.

  ● When the workpiece or mold reaches the required angle, stop the motor, release the fixture, and remove the workpiece or mold.


  ● Before turning over, check the tension and wear of the belt or chain, as well as the firmness and adaptability of the fixtures.

  ● When turning over, start and stop the motor smoothly and slowly to avoid shock and vibration.

  ● After turning over, clean the dust and debris on the belt or chain in time to keep the turning mechanism clean and lubricated.

Suspension load turning device

Features of belt load turning device:

  ● The turning efficiency is high, and it can turn over fully automatically, continuously, quickly and accurately;

  ● The operation process is smooth, the impact is small, safe and reliable;

  ● The belt or chain has good adaptability and can protect the appearance and components of the workpiece;

  ● It has the function of rotating the workpiece and can flip it to any angle as required;

  ● It can improve turning efficiency and greatly reduce costs for users.

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