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Fixed-point positioning clean room crane

2022-03-18 01:50 click:834
The fixed-point positioning clean overhead crane is a kind of crane system applied in the dust-free workshop. It is also a high-end and highly targeted crane. It is more targeted than ordinary overhead cranes. The clean room overhead crane integrates technology, construction, decoration, Equipment automation and other technologies are mainly to meet the harsh requirements of production environment and quality in chemical lifting, military lifting, aerospace lifting, electronic product lifting, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, medical, laboratory and other fields. Compared with cranes used in other industries, clean room cranes have the main characteristics of cleanliness, wear resistance, low failure rate, wide speed adjustment range, and accurate positioning. Therefore, clean room cranes are necessary to ensure mass production in industries with high environmental requirements such as liquid crystal panels, photovoltaics, microelectronics, semiconductors, and medicine.
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