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Food and Cosmetics Workshop Purification Engineering

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Food and Cosmetics Workshop Purification Engineering
The quality of food hygiene is directly related to people's health and life safety. The factors influencing food hygiene quality include raw materials and accessories, production technology and production environment, etc. Food production environment includes equipment (tools), people and air which may come into contact with food. The purpose of safety control in food production is to prevent food from being processed under unsafe conditions. Contamination control of cleanrooms (areas) for food production is a key link in environmental control of food production. The control objects include dust particles and microorganisms.
Microorganisms in the air of workshop purification project are everywhere and often adhere to dust particles, along with the spread of dust, fog droplets, skin debris, hair, etc. The more dust particles in the air, the greater the chance that bacteria will adhere to the dust particles and the more chance they will propagate. Similarly, the virus attaches to dust particles and spreads. Therefore, controlling the amount of dust particles in the air can control the microorganisms attached to them.
The sizes of various microorganisms can be shown in Fig. 1-1. Most microorganisms are 0.3m. Viruses are the smallest microorganisms, around 0.005 m or more, followed by rickettsia. There are many kinds of bacteria, most of which exist in groups in the air. Common bacteria are 5.5-6.5 m in size and fungi are 3.1-3.9 M. They can be basically removed by using a high-efficiency air filter (0.5 m, filtering efficiency (>99.9%).
Crane in food and cosmetics workshop is an indispensable main mechanical equipment for food and cosmetics workshop purification project. It lifts heavy loads in food and cosmetics workshop purification workshop, effectively improves production efficiency and reduces labor.
How to choose the crane for food and cosmetics workshop?
First, we must determine the type of crane to be used in food and cosmetics workshop. Is it bridge crane, gantry crane or KBK, jib crane? Then the relevant parameters of the crane, such as span, lifting height, lifting weight, stroke, etc., should be determined.
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