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How to Operate Double Girder Cleanroom Overhead Crane Safely

2023-08-17 17:03 click:386

Double girder cleanroom cranes are a commonly used lifting equipment in the market, widely used in various cleanroom applications, However, when using a double girder cleanroom crane, it is essential to strictly follow the operating requirements to ensure its safe and efficient operation. So, what are the safety operating requirements for a double girder cleanroom crane?

1.Perform proper lubrication and maintenance for the double girder cleanroom crane, including lubrication, inspection, and maintenance work.

2. Ensure that the wire rope of the double girder cleanroom crane is correctly wound during operation. If any disorderly winding is found, the crane should be lowered and the wire rope should be properly arranged before lifting again.

Cleanroom double girder overhead crane

3. Operate the double girder cleanroom crane strictly according to the requirements and assign a dedicated person to handle the operation and management work.

4. Before operating the double girder cleanroom crane, inspect the electrical equipment and safety devices to ensure their safety and reliability. Check for any loose connections in the lifting components.

5. If there are two double girder cleanroom cranes on the same track, maintain a distance of 150cm to prevent collision. It is also not allowed to use two cranes with different lifting capacities to lift the same load.

These are the basic safety operating requirements for a double girder cleanroom crane. It is important to adhere to these requirements when using the crane. KUNFENG Heavy Industry, as a manufacturer of double girder cleanroom cranes, is committed to technological innovation and serving users with dedication. We produce high-quality double girder cleanroom cranes to meet the needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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