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Load turning crane designed for automobile production lines

2022-05-30 04:36 click:885

This load turning crane is designed for automobile production lines. It has a large turning angle, and can turn 90 degrees on the ground. The energy transformation of the machine is very useful. When operating in a closed area, once the crane stops operating, the load turns 90 degrees by itself; when operating in an open area, when the load turns 90 degrees after reaching its target position, it will tilt forward automatically to reduce the distance between two positions to save space. This crane has good adaptability and high positioning precision characteristics.

The Load Turning Crane is a special crane that is used in automobile production line, to move the body panels of cars. The vehicle body has some parts that have to be installed onto the chassis and other parts that need to be taken off after completion of installation. This crane will help install/remove these parts effortlessly, saving a lot of time and cost.
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