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Load Turning Crane

2022-04-08 04:21 click:534

Load Turning Crane, also known as turnover crane, is a hanging load turn device. The load turn crane can effectively solve various turnover problems of enterprises, solve various problems encountered in the welding process of large workpieces, avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, effectively improve production efficiency, ensure safe production, and greatly reduce the turnover cost of enterprises. The turnover machine equipment is widely used and can be used for hoisting and turnover in production industries such as electric power, ship, wharf, machinery manufacturing, steel structure production, stone processing, electric vehicle, casting, automobile manufacturing and so on.
Working principle: the turnover machine adopts the turnover roller frame, and the base adopts the steel plate welding structure, which is firm and reliable. It is the supporting mechanism of the whole equipment. The roller frame base of the turnover machine is fixed at the appropriate position on the ground. Because the workpiece rotating tire fixture set on the roller frame rotates together with the workpiece, the center distance of the roller does not need to be adjusted, and can be made into a roller frame with fixed center distance.
Product features: used for mold positioning, coil handling, pallet loading and unloading, material turnover and material weighing, etc. Optional features include electric horizontal and vertical movement function, horizontal rotation function, lifting table, conveyor, hydraulic and motor driver, etc. the turnover is stable and reliable, which can meet the accurate requirements of material handling.