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Components Feature of Load Turning Crane

2022-04-08 04:21 click:960

Load Turning Crane, also known as turnover crane, is a hanging load turn device. The load turn crane can effectively solve various turnover problems of enterprises, solve various problems encountered in the welding process of large workpieces, avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, effectively improve production efficiency, ensure safe production, and greatly reduce the turnover cost of enterprises. The turnover machine equipment is widely used and can be used for hoisting and turnover in production industries such as electric power, ship, wharf, machinery manufacturing, steel structure production, stone processing, electric vehicle, casting, automobile manufacturing and so on.

Component Features of Load Turning Device

• Manually adjustable turnover units

Turnover units with roller bearings for easy adjustment.

With pre-defined grids for locking

• Load attachment by endless chains

• Battery powered

Two exchangeable battery locks, with digital display of boltage and rest running time, approx. 1,000 load cycles per charging

• Set-down feet

Integrated at the front.

• Adjustable turnover units by an electric motor

Synchronously adjustable by spindle drive system.

• Adjustable suspension under load

The suspension of the loaded spreader beam is postioned automatically and vertically above the load centre of gravity by spindle drive system.

Manufacture also according to customer's request. 

With belt cut-off, asynchronically turnover units, double-crane operation, etc. Just ask us!


This rotator device is ideally suited for rotating or turning loads, such as precast concrete elements, machinery, steel structures, stored goods, shipping, steel structural, trailer frame and building materials. We offer turning devices that can handle extra-long objects, with load capacities ranging from 5,00 to 80,000 kg. Different lifting straps, chains, rotation beams, and units are available to suit your specific application needs. You can easily configure and order the turning device with the necessary equipment to match your requirements.

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