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Maintenance for Stacker Crane Traveling Wheels

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The stacker crane traveling wheel is a crucial component of the stacker that supports the weight of the entire machine and guides it to move on the shelf track. Proper maintenance and upkeep of the traveling wheels is essential for the stacker's normal operation and service life.

Maintenance of Stacker Crane Traveling Wheels

1. Regular inspection

Inspect the running wheels regularly for wear, lubrication, and positioning. Inspection cycle depends on usage and environment; recommended monthly.

2. Bearing lubrication

Regular lubrication is necessary for the stacker traveling wheels' bearings to reduce wear and friction. It is recommended to use professional lubricating oil or grease during the lubrication process. Ensure that the lubricant inside the bearing is sufficient and evenly applied to the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

Crane Traveling Wheels

3. Wheel alignment

Proper positioning of the traveling wheels is essential for the stacker crane to function correctly. Ensure that the wheels are in the correct position on the track to prevent any shifting or tilting. If you notice that the wheels are misaligned or tilted, make the necessary adjustments promptly.

4. Wheel wear

Wear and tear of the running wheels is inevitable, however, it can be minimized through regular inspection and timely replacement. If the wheel wear reaches a certain level, it can negatively impact the normal operation of the stacker crane and even lead to safety accidents. Hence, if you notice that the wheels are severely worn, it is crucial to replace them immediately to avoid any potential safety hazards.

How to know whether the traveling wheel needs to be replaced

1. Observe the wear of the wheels

To determine if the stacker crane traveling wheels need replacement, you should observe the wear and tear of the wheels. If the wheel wear has reached or exceeded its intended lifespan, or if the wheel wear is uneven, then the running wheel should be replaced.

heavy loads traveling wheels

2. Check the lubrication of the bearings

Determine if the wheel block system needs replacement by checking the lubrication of its bearings. If the lubricant is insufficient or has deteriorated, the crane wheel needs to be replaced.

3. Check the wheel positioning

To check whether the running wheels need to be replaced, you can verify the positioning of the wheels on the track. If the wheels are not placed correctly on the track, it means the running wheels require replacement.

In conclusion, for the maintenance for stacker crane travelling wheels, regular check and lubricate, re-alignment and replacement for wheels are necessary. Only in this way can the normal operation and service life of the stacker be ensured while avoiding safety accidents.

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