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Manufacturer of drs wheel block set of driving wheel

2022-07-06 04:25 click:951
The manufacturer of drs wheel block set of driving wheel supplies drs wheel block, driving wheel, Demag driven wheel, Demag driving wheel, etc. Demag wheel models are complete. drs wheel block is widely used, with a variety of diameter series to meet your use requirements. After years of practice, drs wheel block has high quality, reliable performance and wide application. It is an outstanding modular solution for general occasions.
drs wheel block
Features and advantages of drs wheel block
·Simple installation and maintenance, convenient connection with the structure.
·The wheel is made of nodular cast iron, with various diameters, excellent performance and strong bearing capacity.
·Good starting and braking performance without damaging the track.
·The laser calibration system eliminates various installation errors in the installation process of the wheel box.
·The tread of walking wheel can be specially hardened to meet the requirements of high speed.
·The wheel box is solid and durable, which effectively protects the layout of walking wheels and bearings.
·Technological innovation, such as Demag patented torsional support, bearing arrangement, box design, etc.
·Good ground clearance.
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