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RV Frame 360 Degree Load Turning Device

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Load Turning Device: Reliable Industrial Solutions

Load Turning device are powerful machines designed to turn and move heavy and bulky loads for production, inspection, or storage purposes. While other lifting devices, such as forklifts or cranes, can be used, they are often cumbersome, especially in navigating tight spaces.

RV frame 360 degree load turning device can turn over different types of load, insofar as the capacity is adequate and the available straps have an adapted length.

360 degree car frame load turning device

Industrial load rotators help to:

• Handle heavy objects

• Handle objects with uneven weight distribution

• Rotate objects in tights spaces

• Improve safety and efficiency

Frame and chassis rotator allow 360° rotation of goods to assist with the assembly or production of various items.

360 Degree Load Rotator Features:

• Control system senses when a load is out of level

• Efficient leveling during load rotation

• Reduces sling walk

• Operator can focus on rotation and operating the crane

• Auto-leveling can be turned off for manual use if desired

• Can be easily added to existing units

• Special applications can be provided

• Pendent includes E-stop for override of automatic leveling if required

• Complies with ASME standards

frame load turning device

Because every turning application is unique, KFCS can design a system in order to optimize the weight, dimensions, power and price for your application. The KFCS load turning device is easy to use, reliable, and requires very little maintenance, meeting today’s industrial handling needs. This device is used in many workplaces that deal with heavy loads.

• Heavy truck/trailer/flat bed/loader/RV manufacturing and distribution

• Marine engine & ship building

• Irregular workpiece

• Steel structural

• & More

Special applications requiring the use of 2 load turning modular units in a synchronized use: it is possible to use 2 synchronized load turners with the same control in the case of very long loads or when 2 lifting means are used to obtain the adequate lifting capacity.

Contact our load rotator experts to discuss and learn more about your load rotating concerns. You can also visit our dedicated page to learn more about the chassis load turning device.

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