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Tailored Load Rotators for Bulky Workpiece Rotation

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The core feature of load rotator is the smooth and controlled rotation. Our rotator suspends and rotates objects 360 degrees with controlled rotation. The fixed bail design works well for products that symmetrically shaped.

• Lift and rotate workpiece without re-rigging.

• Stop or start rotation at any point.

• Prevent tipping or dropping work pieces and the shock load to the crane associated with using two cranes to roll over a load.

8t load rotator

• Leveler bail repositions the lifter center of gravity as needed during the load rotation to maintain a level lift.

• A leveler bail is used for the belt load rotator to balance the rotation of irregular shaped objects. By using an adjustable leveler bail, a more flexible and smooth rotation can be achieved. 


Every Rotator made in KFCS CRANES is designed according to every customer’s needs. so we first make all the technical studies using the data the customer provides us like:

• Crane and hoist capacity

• Existing lifting beam installed (We can design lifting beams if customer needs one)

• Range and height of the lifters and cranes

• Workpiece details

• Service factors

We can manufacture rotators with high capacity (up to 80 tons) to rotate all kinds of materials like wind turbines, heavy duty chassis, marine engine, extra steel structure, and sand box, etc.

The use of a load turner can help many industries like:

– Siderurgical industry

– Wind energy sector

– Moulding and plastic injection

– Naval industry

– Construction

– Container shipping and logistics

Load Turning Device is the perfect tool for turning or rotating heavy and bulky loads. Difficult, dangerous and arduous tasks become safe and easy to complete! Bulky workpieces can be turned and rotated safely. Our load turning device works with overhead or gantry cranes. The workpiece can be stopped at any position for inspection or work to use the overhead turner's radio remote control of load turning device beam.

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