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The Operating Principle of Suspended Load Turning Device

2023-12-26 09:59 click:196

Suspension load turning device is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in various industrial fields, mainly used for turning large objects. It can easily flip large objects without moving them, thus greatly improving production efficiency and operating safety.

Suspension load turning device

Working principle:

When the material is fixed on the suspension device, the transmission system starts to work, and the motor and reducer drive the turning device to rotate. As the turning device rotates, the material is gradually turned over to reach a predetermined angle. During the turning process, the force on the material comes from the combination of gravity, friction and turning torque. The size and direction of these forces will affect the turning effect and stability of the material. Therefore, when designing and using a suspended load turning device, these factors need to be fully considered to ensure the turning effect and safety of the materials.

Composition structure:

  ● Suspension device: It is a component used to fix and suspend materials, usually made of chains, wire ropes and other materials. It can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the material to keep the material stable during the turning process.

  ● Turning device: It consists of multiple connecting rods and crankshafts. It drives the turning device to rotate through the transmission system to realize the turning of materials. Depending on the shape and size of the material, different turning devices can be selected to adapt to different process needs.

  ● Transmission system: It consists of a motor, a reducer, etc., and drives the turning device to rotate through the transmission system. The transmission system is a key part of the suspended turning machine, and its performance directly affects the performance and reliability of the entire machine.

Chain load turning device


  ● The operation is relatively simple and does not require complex technology and equipment support, making it widely used in industrial production.

  ● The continuous turning method can greatly improve the material processing efficiency and shorten the production cycle.

  ● The structure is relatively simple and the connections between components are relatively compact, making maintenance work relatively easy.

  ● According to the needs of customers and the characteristics of materials, the structure of the suspended load turning device can be customized to meet the special needs of customers.

  ● Made of wear-resistant materials, its lifespan is greatly extended and the frequency of component replacement and maintenance costs are reduced.