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Chain Suspension Load Turning Device

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The chain suspension load turning device is a kind of suspension equipment used in industrial production. It is mainly used for turning, rotating or tilting workpieces. It adopts chain transmission mode, which is simple, reliable and easy to operate.

Suspension load turning device

Product description:

  ● Structural design: Mainly composed of brackets, chains, rollers, motors, limiters, etc. The bracket is usually made of steel structure and has sufficient strength and stability. The chain is made of high-strength alloy steel and can withstand larger loads.

  ● Operation method: The workpiece is hung on the chain, and through the transmission of the chain, the workpiece can be flipped, rotated or tilted. The operator can control the operation of the chain through the control buttons or remote control to achieve the required operations.

  ● Transmission system: The chain transmission system is driven by a motor, and the movement of the chain is realized through the cooperation of the chain and the roller. The transmission system has high transmission efficiency and is reliable and stable.

  ● Safety protection device: Equipped with safety protection devices, such as limiters, heavy-load protectors, etc. The limiter can control the turning angle of the workpiece to ensure safe operation. The heavy-duty protector can monitor the weight of the workpiece and stop the machine once it exceeds the preset value to protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

  ● Application fields: It is widely used in production lines in various industries, especially for the turning operations of large and heavy workpieces. For example, it can be used for workpiece flipping in welding, spraying, sandblasting and other processes in the metal processing industry; it can also be used for body flipping, chassis flipping and other operations in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Product advantages:

  ● The equipment adopts remote control operation and can turn over special-shaped large workpieces without slipping or spinning.

  ● It has the function of rotating the workpiece and can be flipped to any angle as required. It is easy to operate, flexible and reliable to use.

  ● The equipment adopts remote control, so the operator can stay away from the characteristics of turning the workpiece, and can easily lift and lower it.

  ● The operation is simple and easy to control, the operation is stable and the safety factor is high, and it can turn 360 degrees without obstacles.

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