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What is electric wire rope hoist

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Lifting large objects or pieces of equipment is the purpose of an electric wire rope hoist. It is typically mounted overhead and can be stationary or travel back and forth on a rail. Industrial hoists usually consist of an enclosed electric motor that turns a grooved drum.
1)Wrapped around the drum is a wire rope which is constructed of numerous metal strands coiled together. One end of the wire rope or ropes attaches to the drum by iron clamps, The other end or ends descend through an enclosed tackle device. Suspended from the tackle is a large hook and spring latch closure. The number of ropes traveling through the block tackle varies according to the weight limit of the device. 
2)Motor adopts frequency conversion motor, the lifting stability, low noise, stable and reliable transmission, low energy consumption; the butterfly brake, brake is flexible and reliable, higher safety performance. 
3)Control : lifting the standard frequency control, stable and easy to control play ping  
4)Wheel : use 45 steel heat treatment, tooth surface high-frequency quenching, high wear resistance and long life 
5)Travel limit:to prevent the misoperation caused by rush
6)Wire rope : the M5 level, and adopts the European high strength steel core line 
7)The high limit of two sections: a cut, a cut off the power supply, dual protection
8)Hook group :composed of a pulley and hook is made of nodular cast iron with large diameter, the antifriction roller bearing, the bearing manufacturer for SKF or FAG , safety is equipped with spring pressure can prevent slip hook for quenched and tempered steel 34CrMoV, according to the standard of DIN17200. 
9)Product features: job level is high, can be applied to all kinds of bad place, and the price is materially beneficial.
Electric wire rope hoist is essential in raising working efficiency  and improving working conditions. It is also equipped with overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane as the lifting mechanism.
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