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Clean Room Kito Electric Chain Hoist

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The clean room Kito electric chain hoist is a special dust-proof and oil-proof electric chain hoist used in a dust-free environment. It is common to use clean hoists in clean areas and also on clean room cranes. On the basis of the original clean room hoist, a stainless steel dustproof shell is added, and the chain is equipped with a unique organ cover to avoid oil and dust, so that fine particles and paint residues generated during operation will not fall into the following working conditions. , to meet the technical requirements of the electronics industry, food industry, aviation industry, etc.

Kito electric chain hoist

Composition structure:

  ● Lifting mechanism: It is the core part of the electric chain hoist, usually composed of a chain and a hook. The chain is the main part that carries items. It is driven by a motor to achieve the function of rising and falling. Hooks are used to secure and carry items.

  ● Electric motor: The electric motor is used as the power source to drive the rising and falling movements of the chain. The electric motor is usually equipped with a speed regulating device, which can adjust the operating speed and movement flexibility of the crane.

  ● Control system: Equipped with a control system, including a control panel and remote control. The operator can command and control the hoist through the control system to operate the crane and transport items.

  ● Safety devices: In order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, electric chain hoists are equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as limiters, overload protectors, etc. The limiter can control the lifting and lowering range of the crane to avoid exceeding the limited height. The overload protector is used to detect the load condition of the crane. When it is overloaded, it will automatically stop running to protect the safety of equipment and items.

  ● Bracket and suspension system: The electric hoist is usually installed on a bracket, and the bracket can be adjusted and fixed according to actual needs. The suspension system includes booms and suspension chains, which are used to secure the crane to the support and provide support for operation.

  ● Control cable and power supply: In order to realize the power supply of the electric hoist, the control cable and power supply connect the starter and the control system. The control cable is responsible for transmitting instructions and signals, and the power supply provides the electrical energy required by the electric hoist.


  ● The closed design can provide a dust-free and sterile handling environment in the clean room.

  ● This electric hoist is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate and carry, and is suitable for small spaces inside clean rooms.

  ● Despite its compact size, the Kito electric chain hoist has a high load-carrying capacity and is capable of handling heavier items.

  ● It is equipped with a professional lifting mechanism and motor system to ensure a smooth and vibration-free handling process and avoid impact on the internal environment of the clean room.

  ● It has precise positioning function and can accurately control the position and height of items.

  ● Equipped with safety equipment such as safety limiters and overload protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

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