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DEMAG DRS Wheel Block System

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The DEMAG DRS Wheel Block System is a multifunctional walking wheel system that can be used for handling heavy-duty materials. It integrates perfectly into Demag's modular drive system. This versatile system offers the best performance ratio for maximum load capacities (2.75 to 40 tons) in a compact size. Finely graded sizes (DRS 112 to DRS 500) ensure the correct unit is selected for the respective application.

DRS wheel block system


  ● High performance range and maximum load capacity

  ● Various standard running wheel shapes, as well as customized shapes according to customer requirements

  ● Four variations of connecting to client structures

  ● High-quality housing for optimal protection of running wheels and bearings

  ● Able to withstand heavy use and harsh working conditions

  ● Direct connection of optional accessories

  ● Wheel block laser alignment system on multiple traveling units

  ● Easy to install and integrate into existing lifting machinery systems

There is also an improved model of the DRS Wheel Block System, called the DRS-M Wheel Block System, which adds some new functions, such as:

  ● Reserved installation accessories

  ● Flexible planning

  ● Fixed alignment

  ● Mechanical wear measurement

Our DRS wheel series are exported to Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Philippines, Singapore and other countries, and have unanimously won praise and support from customers.

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