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DRS Traveling Wheel Block Manufacturer

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The modern, optimised DRS traveling wheel block system with its six frame sizes can be used universally. It is suitable both for manufacturing cranes and crabs and for off-standard applications. The wheels, guided by flanges on both sides, guarantee quiet, runway-preserving travel, and can in addition be equipped with guide rollers. The reliable drive options are pole-changing hollow shaft drives, frequency inverters or slimline pancake gears. Five standard configurations are available for mounting them on the customers' structures.

Drive Wheel Modular

Technical Features 

• Universal: can be used for wheel loads from 5,00 to 40,000 kg in eight frame sizes

• Flexibility: Our product offers five standard configurations that can be connected to your supporting structure according to your needs.

• Reliability: We provide multiple brands of drives to meet every requirement. Our low-maintenance direct drives are designed to ensure the highest level of reliability.

• Choice: We offer various components on request, including drives with innovative frequency inverter mounted directly on motor, to provide you with the widest possible range of options.

• Maintenance-friendliness: Our DRS wheel blocks can be easily rolled out to the front for maintenance purposes. Several bolts and installation mounts also enhance maintenance.

• Field-proven: Our series components have been tested and proven to deliver maximum performance for onsite working.

• Compactness: On request, we can provide our product with a space-saving pancake gear to meet your space requirements.

• Safety: Our product is available in an explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX safety standards, providing you with maximum safety and protection.

wheel block system

Different Connections of Wheel Blocks System

A number of different mounting methods guarantee universal and extremely flexible use.

• Head connection H

The traveling wheel block is bolted on at the top.

• Welded connection W

The traveling wheel block end is welded directly to the supporting structure without any intermediate flange

• Inserted connection I

The wheel block is plugged into a hollow profile and secured with bolts.

• Screwed connection S

A connecting flange is used to bolt the wheel block end to a steel structure.

• Affixed connection A

A connecting flange is used to weld the wheel block end to a steel structure, the connection can be dismantled.

• With guide rollers

The guide rollers are mounted securely with positive-locking and can be used even with relatively flat rails.

A wheel block system is a rail-mounted crane component that comprises a set of wheels and a frame to support the load during movement. The system can handle loads up to 40 tons, and the wheels can have a diameter of up to 500 mm. Besides crane accessories, the wheels can also be deployed for moving heavy loads.

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