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Clean Room Trackless Mobile Gantry Crane

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The clean room trackless mobile gantry crane is a kind of lifting equipment specially used in the clean room environment, and is used for material handling and lifting operations in the clean room. It has the characteristics of trackless movement and can move flexibly in the clean room. At the same time, considering the requirements of the clean room environment, it is made of dust-free and dust-free materials to ensure that no pollution will be generated.

Clean room mobile gantry crane

Main component:

  ● Upper beam: used to support the lifting mechanism and lifting objects, usually made of high-strength aluminum alloy or stainless steel, to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room.

  ● Mobile system: includes trackless mobile wheels or pulleys for moving the lifting mechanism in the clean room.

  ● Lifting mechanism: including electric hoist, rope or chain, used for lifting and moving materials.

  ● Control system: used to control the operation and lifting operation of the trackless mobile gantry crane in the clean room, including controllers, buttons and safety protection devices.


  ● Anti-static design is adopted to prevent the impact of static electricity on materials and environment in the clean room.

  ● With high positioning accuracy, it can accurately reach the designated position and meet the requirements of material handling in the clean room.

  ● The bottom adopts a tripod structure design, with universal brake wheels, and runs smoothly.

  ● It can move flexibly in the clean room, adapt to the lifting needs of different positions, and improve work efficiency.

  ● Equipped with an advanced control system, it has safety protection functions, such as limit switches, anti-collision devices, etc., to ensure the safety of lifting operations.

  ● It occupies less space, which can save the effective space in the clean room.

  ● According to the needs of each station in the factory, the crane system can be flexibly designed and installed, which is cost-effective and more convenient for construction operations.

Converson cranes can be widely used in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, panel, solar photovoltaic manufacturing, microelectronics, biology, chemistry, physics and other high-level clean room scenarios such as aerospace, providing a complete solution for clean room material handling .

The maintenance cost is relatively low, the design is simple, and the maintenance and maintenance are more convenient.

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