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RTG Crane | Rubber Tyred Container Gantry Crane

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Rubber tyred container gantry crane is a kind of mobile lifting equipment, mainly used for loading and unloading containers or other heavy goods. It uses a tire chassis as a mobile mechanism, which has the advantages of flexibility and rapid deployment. Its main components include gantry, lifting mechanism, moving mechanism and electrical control system.

Container gantry crane

Main feature:

  ● Due to the use of the tire chassis as the mobile mechanism, it can be quickly moved and deployed on the construction site to meet the needs of different positions.

  ● The gantry structure is strong, and the lifting mechanism is made of high-strength materials, which can carry a large weight and is suitable for loading and unloading of various heavy goods.

  ● Equipped with advanced electrical control system and operating console, operators can precisely operate and control the gantry crane through the console to improve work efficiency.

  ● The equipment is equipped with safety protection devices, such as overload protection, limit protection, etc., which can effectively ensure the safety of operations.

  ● The rubber-tyred container gantry crane has a simple structure and is relatively easy to maintain and maintain, which can reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

Safe operation matters:

  ● Before operation, make sure that the gantry crane and its related equipment are in good condition, such as checking whether the tires, braking system, lifting mechanism, etc. are working normally.

  ● Operators should undergo special training and have relevant operating certificates, and understand the use methods and operating procedures of the equipment.

  ● Make sure there are no people or obstacles in the work area to avoid accidents.

  ● In the process of operation, the work must be carried out strictly according to the rated load of the equipment, and overloading is not allowed, so as not to cause equipment damage or accidents.

  ● Pay attention to the balance of the equipment to avoid tilting or unbalanced gantry.

  ● During the lifting process, it is necessary to maintain stability and avoid unstable operations such as sudden stop and quick start, so as to prevent the cargo from slipping or the equipment from overturning.

  ● It is necessary to maintain good communication and coordination, and keep in close contact with other operators, commanders, drivers, etc. to ensure the smooth progress of the operation.

  ● Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, such as checking whether the lubricating oil, fasteners, etc. are normal, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

  ● During use, you must abide by relevant safety regulations and operating procedures, such as wearing safety helmets, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment.

  ● If the equipment is found to be faulty or abnormal, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the relevant departments should be notified for inspection and treatment.

Rubber tyred container gantry cranes are widely used in ports, docks, warehouses, construction sites and other places, which can meet the needs of various cargo loading and unloading, and improve work efficiency and transportation benefits.

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