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Good Price Cleanroom Jib Crane for Sale

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The Cleanroom jib crane is a column crane used in the clean room environment. The Cleanroom jib  crane is also called a clean single-arm crane, a clean cantilever crane, etc. The biggest feature of the crane is that it occupies a small space, light weight, large span and large lifting capacity. Installed in the purification workshop greatly saves costs. The Cleanroom jib  crane is a new generation of light hoisting equipment made to adapt to modern production. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric chain hoist, especially suitable for short distances, frequent use and intensive hoisting operations. Small footprint, easy to operate and maintain. 

Clean room jib crane is used in clean room environment for light work duty. Cleanroom jib crane consists of column, slewing arm, slewing drive device and electric hoist. 

cleanroom jib crane

The base of the column is secured to the concrete foundation using anchor bolts, while the cycloid pinwheel reducer powers the rotation of the cantilever. The electric hoist travels horizontally along the cantilever I-beam to lift heavy loads. The crane jib, constructed from hollow steel, is lightweight, with a large span and significant lifting capacity, making it both economical and durable. The integrated walking mechanism features special engineering plastic wheels with rolling bearings, ensuring low friction and smooth movement. The small structural size is especially beneficial for maximizing the hook's lifting height.

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