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Folding Arm Slewing Jib Crane

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Folding arm slewing jib crane is a mechanical equipment used for lifting and carrying heavy objects. It has folding arms and swivel functions, which allows flexible operation in limited spaces and enables material handling at multiple angles.

Folding arm jib crane

Main components:

  ● The main arm is the part used to support and carry heavy objects. The main boom is usually made of high-strength steel and has sufficient load-bearing capacity.

  ● The folding arm is usually composed of multi-section arms, and the folding and unfolding functions are achieved through hydraulic or electric devices.

  ● The slewing mechanism usually consists of an electric drive device and a slewing shaft, which allows the boom to rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal direction.

  ● The lifting mechanism usually consists of a hydraulic system or an electric screw device, which can adjust the height of the boom as needed.

  ● The control system can include button switches, remote controls, etc. to facilitate operator control.

  ● Equipped with multiple safety devices, such as heavy load protection devices, limit switches, etc., to ensure safe and reliable operation.


  ● It can be flexibly operated in a limited space, allowing it to adapt to material handling needs at different angles and positions, and provide a larger handling range.

  ● With high load-bearing capacity, solid structure and reasonable design, it can carry heavy objects safely and reliably.

  ● The folding arm design allows it to be folded when not in use, reducing the floor space and improving space utilization efficiency.

  ● The operator can fold, unfold, rotate and lift the boom through the control system.

  ● Reasonable structural design and stable operating performance can effectively reduce the risk of accidents.

  ● It can be equipped with different accessories and tools, such as clamps, hooks, etc., to adapt to different material handling and lifting operations.

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