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Load turning devices for KFCS R Basics

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load turning devices
Product description:
Product model: KFCS - R basic,
Condole belt spacing cannot adjust, weight: 1000 to 30000 kg.
turning crane
The component of product:
1. Hang the eye
2. Standard suspension
3. A short suspension (special attachments)
4. The steel cover shell
The driving wheels of the 5.
6. Rubber shoes
7. The harness or chain
8. 5 hole socket CEE
9. The line of control
10. Flashlight door
11. The harness guide
Scope of supply:
Basic configuration are applied to crane hook hanging eyes, belt line, appliance with switch (left/right and stop), 400 v / 50 hz 3 phase electric, 48 v control voltage, socket with CEE 5 hole.
Selection table:
TM - turning torque, TS - turning speed, W - gravity (do not contain condole belt/chain)
load turning crane

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