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Automatic load turning device of crane boom tail structure

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Automatic load turning device of crane boom tail structure
technical field
The utility model relates to the field of construction machinery, in particular to an automatic overturning device for a tail structure part of a crane outrigger.
Background technique
Crane boom tail structure A is a closed box structure composed of various specifications of veneers at the tail of the crane boom. . On, the crane outrigger is formed, and its strength determines the reliability of the outrigger hoisting and telescopic. However, the form of the outrigger tail structure A is complex, the welding seam has many spatial positions, and multi-angle displacement is required during the welding process.
In the prior art, workers are generally used in combination with driving to turn over the tail structure of the outrigger arm of the crane. The specific operation is as follows: the on-site workers use a chain to hang in the process hole of the tail structure, and the other end of the chain is hung on the hook of the driving. On, the crane is lifted up and pulled obliquely, so that the tail structure can be turned over, and fixed manually at the same time, so that the welding of the next group of welds can be carried out. In the welding process, the tail structure needs to be turned over several times by the combination of driving and manual work to ensure that all the welds are welded.
The following problems exist in the above-mentioned hoisting and turning method combined with manual operation.
1) In the process of flipping and shifting the tail structure, it is necessary to select the hoisting hole for flipping and shifting several times. The waiting time is long, the hoisting is frequent, the labor intensity is high, and the driving resources are occupied:
2) In the process of overturning and hoisting, there is no reliable clamping, and the workpiece often swings, causing certain safety hazards to workers;
3) The flipping inertia is strong and the impact is large, which is easy to cause bumping and deformation of the workpiece during flipping, which affects the accuracy of the structural parts;
4) The height of the working surface is low, and workers often use squatting welding, which is easy to cause fatigue and damage to workers' bodies for a long time.
The purpose of the utility model is to provide an automatic load turning device for the tail structure of a crane outrigger, which can automatically turn over the tail structure of a crane outrigger and reduce labor intensity.
In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model provides an automatic load turning device for the tail structure of the outrigger arm of a crane, which comprises a machine base, an overturning transmission box and a support arm, and the machine base is provided with a first power device, so the The first power device is drivingly connected to the inversion transmission box, so that the inversion transmission box can rotate relative to the machine base, and the support arm is fixedly arranged on the inversion transmission box, and the support arm is fixed on the inversion transmission box. For clamping crane boom tail structure.
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