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Chemical laboratory clean room crane

2022-08-18 11:13 click:1637
The high-purity chemical clean laboratory dust-free aerial vehicle is a material free lifting system applied in a highly clean environment. The dust-free aerial vehicle is also called a dust-free crane, a clean room crane, a dust-free crane, etc.
laboratory clean room crane
Features of the application scheme of the clean air vehicle in the high-purity chemical clean laboratory:
1. It can ensure that the cleanliness of air supply meets the requirements
2. It can barely reach the designed cleanliness level in empty state or static state, and has strong anti pollution interference ability
3. The air flow in the working area shall be as uniform as possible, and the wind speed shall meet the process and health requirements.
The laboratory clean room crane can take dust particles and microorganisms as environmental control objects, provide a strict sterile production environment for production and staff, eliminate microorganisms, bacteria and other pollutants, and improve product quality and safety.
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