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Demag DRS Traveling Wheel Block System

2022-04-08 03:58 click:657

Demag DRS Traveling Wheel block System
Customized modular system solutions
Our DRS Wheelblock System is versatile and perfectly integrated with our modular drive system. Eight finely divided specifications, each with a load of up to 40 tons, make it the most suitable wheelblock for various applications. A wide range of running wheels and a special design of running wheels make it almost suitable for any running track and conditions. It has a high cost performance and can be installed directly. More advantages:
Excellent performance and maximum load
Provides a wide range of standardized wheels and customer-tailored designs
Provides four options for connecting to the upper structure
High-quality housing provides optimum protection for running wheels and bearings
High hardness
Options can be directly connected
Laser calibration system can be used for traveling wheel boxes with multiple traveling units
A Glance of Advantages
Accurate configuration
Demag DRS112-500 Traveling Wheelblock System
Eight sizes are available, each wheel carrying 2.75 to 40 tons
Four types of traveling wheel boxes are available: rim, no rim, double rim, rubber-covered, etc.
Running wheels in various shapes and designs made of ductile iron (GGG 70), polyamide or polyurethane
A: Flange guided on both sides, suitable for track system
B: Wheeless running wheel, optional side guide wheel or concave shape to meet customer specifications
D: Running wheel is guided by the rim on one side and is suitable for devices running on the ground.
E: Large diameter flangeless wheel, suitable for high net height off the ground
S: Prism, trapezoid or concave wheels for applications with guides
F: Polyurethane rimless wheels with extremely high acceleration and quiet operation
C: No rim concave polyamide wheel, quiet operation, no rail damage
Multiple connections
Preset mounting surfaces are suitable for almost any connection: from top connections with bolts and welded connections to end connections to unilateral connections and pin connections, all applicable
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