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A wheel block system is a rail-mounted crane component that comprises a set of wheels and a frame to support the load during movement. The system can handle loads up to 40 tons, and the wheels can have a diameter of up to 500 mm. Besides crane accessories, the wheels can also be deployed for moving heavy loads.

DRS Wheel Block System

Wheel blocks are versatile and can be used for shuttles, cranes, and aisles. When coated with PU, they perform exceptionally well in various industries, including AGVs, forklifts, and amusement equipment.

Advantages of Wheel Block System

• 4 variants for connection to customer's superstructure (Top, pin, end and side connection)

• Spheroidal graphite cast iron travel wheel material

• Temperature range –20 ºC to +40 ºC

• High performance range and large capacity

• Many travel wheel shapes as standard as well as customer-specific designs

DRSA wheel block systemis a versatile travel wheel system and is perfectly integrated into our modular drive system. In addition, our Wheel Blocks can be coordinated with Demag wheel blocks.

The driving wheel is a type of wheel that's powered by a motor or engine. It provides the necessary force to move machinery. On the other hand, a driven wheel is a wheel that's not powered by a motor or engine but instead driven by another wheel or system. Both types of wheels can either be installed on a single machine or used separately.

KFCS is specializing in wheel block system manufacturing, different wheel diameters can be customized at requirement. Contact us today to get quotation!

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